Coach Mona G, Social Media 101 Coach

Coach Mona, is a 60-something American wife, mama to 3 grown children, and grandmother to 2, and a successful entrepreneur and multi-business owner for more than 35 years.

As a baby boomer, she did not grow up with cell phones and internet, and fell behind in marketing because her son, a talented millennial, and graphic artist, did it all for her until he grew up and moved out!

It was then that she had to get serious about all types of digital marketing. It was her biggest struggle, and it left her feeling frustrated and overwhelmed trying to learn it on her own. She finally gave in and hired a social media coach, now nearly 5 years later, it has become her greatest passion, to help other "seasoned" entreprenuers, like her, learn and master it!

Mona speaks your language and goes at a speed that you can keep up with!

  • Social Media Training
  • Canva Training
  • Live Video Training
  • Video Create Training

Contact: Mona Giordano

Main Phone: (727) 457-3755


Tampa, FL